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Hi, I’m Ben, a British biology author, tutor and founder of this website. My passion is in all thing related to biology and I hope to teach you some things! Get started below.

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Enhance your understanding and analytical skills with advanced content tailored to your exam board specifications.

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Specialised support for undergraduate students, focusing on molecular biology, genetics, and other core subjects.

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Benjamin Margate

About Benjamin Margate

Benjamin Margate is a British biology author, tutor and education consultant, leveraging a BSc in Biological Sciences from University of Birmingham and over 10 years of expertise creating and curating detailed biology content. His work focuses on providing educational blogs and resources for biology students and facilitating connections with professional tutors. Recognised for his extensive knowledge and commitment to biology education, Benjamin’s contributions have become a cornerstone for learners seeking to enhance their understanding of the subject.

With years of experience as a biology author and educator, Benjamin brings a wealth of knowledge and an innovative teaching approach. His dedication to fostering a deeper understanding of biology has inspired countless students to pursue their academic and research ambitions.



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A Level Biology Tutors

Elevate your understanding and performance in A Level Biology with our expert tutoring services. Led by Benjamin Margate, a distinguished British Biology Author, our program is designed to deepen your grasp of complex biological concepts, enhance analytical skills, and prepare you thoroughly for your exams.

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GCSE Biology Tutors

Discover the path to mastering GCSE Biology with our specialised tutoring services. Guided by the expertise of Benjamin Margate, a celebrated British Biology Author, our program is crafted to demystify the wonders of biology, making it accessible and engaging. Our targeted approach helps students build a strong foundation, critical thinking, and exam techniques tailored to the GCSE curriculum.

One to One GCSE Biology Tuition

Group GCSE Biology Tuition

University Biology Tutors

Unlock your academic and research potential with our University Biology Tutoring services. Under the guidance of Benjamin Margate, an accomplished British Biology Author, our tutoring is tailored to support undergraduate students across various biology disciplines, including molecular biology, genetics, and ecology.

One to One University Biology Tuition

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